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On following pages, you will find my notes about keeping and breeding the canaries birds.  Some of them are my own observations, my own experiences and advices   which I got from older breeders during my first years of breeding canaries, which was long before internet era.

I quote many recipes for seeds and egg mixtures, mostly the recipes, which I was using all my life and which I "inherited" from the coal miners in Silesia.  The canaries breeding hobby was very popular in Silesia, on both sides of the German-Polish border.  At that time, a canary in a small cage, was one of the most important warning device against the gas danger.  So, it should be no surprise, that the miners were breeding them with a lot of care and true love for their tiny feathered friends.

I quote also some recipes and advices, which I collected on the many web pages.  I collected those internet recipes and hints for several years.  I collected also many pictures and some of them are on following pages. In majority of cases I don't know the origin of the pictures.  I was collecting them for my own use and pleasure.  But now, as I am publishing them on the internet, I am trying to establish origin of them and will give an acknowledgement whenever it is possible.  In many cases, I will be unable to establish the source.  If the original owner of the picture will recognize his or her bird, please e-mail me and I shall make a proper tribute or remove the picture if requested.

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